Travel cots: Our favourites

When travelling with a baby, a person needs to travel with a tiny tot. But if a person buys the wrong travel cot it can be a nightmare to put up and pack away and also causing a baby to feeling uncomfortable or flimsy. No- frills basics to all singing, all dancing models; there is something to ensure your baby has a good night sleep away from home. Classic travel col which is also known as mother care is a type of travel cot which is very easy to assemble and collapse. However, it has two wheels on one end so a person can reposition it easily.

Chicco Lullago CribClassic travel col is suitable from birth to two years for the baby, and it is also double up as a play pen and easy – clean, star-pattern rails, padded. The second type of the best travel cot for newborns is Joie Secure Click Commuter Change and Snooze. This type is more portable nursery than a mere travel cot; it contains accessories such as toy bar which as soft toys, newborn bassinet and a bouncer used on the floor. Joie commuter change and snooze has a mattress which is super-soft, and it has been made in doubles as a playpen. Graco Countour Electrica is the third best type of travel cot that has a battery-powered mattress which vibrates.

In addition, it has an inbuilt music player and nightlight. This type contains a removable changing table insert, toy bar, and two mattress levels. Fourthly, BabyBjorn Travel Co Light is among the best travel col, and it has different looking style compare to others. It contains a soft mattress and angled sides enabling it to truck into smaller spaces. It washable- great in the cases where the baby feels unwell. BabyBjorn is easy to carry around because it is portable. Red Kite Sleep Tight has a great price for a sturdy cot which a person can just put together and collapse within a second.

This type is available in the market in different colors. It usually fits into most cars boots; it has the mattress, but a person can make it more enhanced by adding a padded mattress on top. The last best type of travel cot in this discussion is Chicco Lullago. This travel cot puts the newborn baby into a standard size travel cot. It is a compact crib which is more suitable for babies up to six months, and it is machine washable.