3 Reasons You Should Buy a ladies Shaver

Over the past few years the ladies shaver has become very popular. This is because the technology has grown at such a fast rate that it really makes no sense to use a disposable razor anymore. You can purchase razor for women that is relatively inexpensive, and can be used wet or dry. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to throw away your old fashion razor and pick up one designed specifically for women.

To find out more relating to IPL and hair removal machines then take a look here – http://www.simplyadoreyou.com. If, like myself, having a soft skin, free of hair and cuts is something that you try to maintain, you may want to consider buying shaver for women. There are many reasons to purchase one of those, and I’ll explain you why.

1.Affordability If you think that you will need to spend lots of money on a ladies’s razor, think again. Unlike for the men’s one, the razor for women is one affordable device. Going for $15 to $40 for the high-end model, there are no excuse when it comes to its cost. Now many would think that they would want to spend over $100 on the men’s one to get the cream of the crop. Well ladies, know that for your needs, it would be crazy to invest over $100 on an electric shaver. The reason women’s models are so much cheaper is that the skin of the face is much more delicate than the skin of the leg, plug the face has so much contours and details, unlike a pretty pair of legs.

2. Convenience How often have you spend hours in the bathroom epilating every part of your body. Then having to shave after because you missed some spots? How often have you decided not to shave when going on a trip, because you didn’t want to sit in the tub of the hotel? How often have you had to switch to a pair of pants instead of a skirt on because you didn’t have time to shower or bathe to shave your legs with a manual shaver, or to epilate your legs before going out? Well an electric shaver can do all of this easily. It provides a fast and fairly close shave, can be conveniently used in or out of the shower and can easily be packed in any suitcase.

3. Smooth and painless Say buy to the razor burns, razor bumps and ingrown hair. If you skin is sensitive, manual shaving can be the cause of painful razor burns. If you epilate a lot, you can be prone to lots of ingrown hair. Well shavers can fix all those problems.

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